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Citrus Fruits

Our Services

One-on-One Nutrition Counseling:

- Initial visits - are about 60 minutes

- Follow up visits - are scheduled as often as needed as decided by you and the Dietitian, and are about 30 minutes

If you need an appointment outside of our normal hours, please contact us and we will work with you to accommodate your schedule 

*Reminder - due to COVID-19 in-office may not be available at all locations.   

Grocery Tours:

Ever walk through the grocery store and wonder:

- What should I look for on food labels?

- Which foods are really healthy choices?

- How do I shop healthy without breaking the bank?


Let us take you on a Grocery Tour where the RD will answer these questions and many more!  Grocery tours are about 1 hour in length.  Tours are typically offered weekday mornings or evenings to fit busy schedules and give you the best experience by avoiding peak store hours.  

Contact us to book your Grocery Tour!

Click here to see more information about pricing and insurance.

*Due to COVID-19 grocery tours are currently unavailable. 

**For your appointment:


Shortly after scheduling your appointment you will receive an "opt-in" email allowing you to receive messages from us.  After "opting-in" you will receive an email with:

- Appointment Confirmation with directions to our office​

- New Client Intake Form - please complete this as soon as possible to allow us to get your records from your doctor and check your insurance coverage

- Medical Records Release form to have your doctor fax medical records to us (this is required to bill your insurance)​

- Practice Policies for you to review and sign

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