Your Visit

What should I bring to my visit?
  • Complete your new patient forms (will be emailed to you when you schedule your appointment)​ as soon as possible to allow us time to confirm your insurance and review your medical records

  • A 3 day  food log (what/ how much/ time you ate  or drank)

  • List of any medications or supplements you are taking

  • Blood glucose logs/ meter (if you  have diabetes)

What happens during my first visit?


At your initial visit we start by spending some time learning more about you.  We will discuss things like:

  • Your health goals

  • Medical history

  • Current eating and cooking habits

  • Food preferences

  • Physical activity


We will discuss any questions or concerns you have, and then come up with a plan together for some healthy changes that work for you. 


How often will I see the Dietitian?

We will work with you to determine how often you need to follow-up.  You can keep coming until you feel that you have reached all of your goals.  Most people find monthly visits most helpful.