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Client Testimonials

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I have been working side by side with Lindsay throughout my weight loss since July 5, 2018.  I hit my highest weight at 288.6 lbs.  I had gained a lot of weight due to having double back-to-back neck surgeries that didn't go as planned.  I ended up with paralysis on the left side.  I was walking with a walker when I first started and was limited on the kind of exercise I was able to do at that point in time. I knew with the help of Lindsay and physical therapy and occupational therapy I could conquer my ultimate weight goal and live a happy and healthy life.  I now have been without a walker or any other type of device for years now. I would get discouraged when I would hit plateaus throughout my journey, but Lindsay was a big time supporter and kept me determined to succeed while the going got tough.  I still see Lindsay for advice and to help me to keep maintaining my weight which is now 171.4 lbs from originally 288.6.  I see her every two weeks and it is a new lifestyle that I have learned to adapt to and a lifelong journey to staying happy and healthy. Without Lindsay's support and my family and friends' support I would not be where I am today. I got rid of my sleep apnea machine and high cholesterol pills and generally feel a lot better about myself. I continue to work on myself by exercising five days a week and seeing the Lindsay regularly. I now walk five miles five days a week and still almost five years later track what I eat and do. I am happy and proud of my determination, how far I have come, and the support and encouragement that I still receive from Lindsay to this day.

-Tracy R.

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